Monitor Your Child’s Smart Phone Usage

Monitor Your Child's Smart Phone UsageFlexiSPY understands the dangers that are associated with technology. That is the reason why FlexiSPY has designed an advanced monitoring system that will help track your child’s smart phone usage. You can track what websites are viewed, incoming and outgoing mail, chat conversations, text messaging, social media, what apps are used, and so much more.

The biggest challenge when it comes to allowing a child to have a cell phone is what rules and guidelines need to be set into place. Every day rules and regulations are very easy to enforce, but electronic guidelines easily get over look when a parent is not in sight. That is why it is important that parents have some kind of monitoring system to check their child’s activity.

Even with a cell phone monitoring software like FlexiSPY, it is still important to establish guidelines. That way everyone in the house understands the rules, and when they are broken then punishments will be enforced. If you do not set up these basic guidelines then you are leaving the playing field wide open. Communicating with your child, what is and is not acceptable can go along way. As parents, we sometimes forget to follow this step.

When you give your children guidelines this gives them the chance to mature and become responsible about using electronic devices.

Here are some great guidelines to put in place for your child to follow.

Complete all homework and chores before using electronic devices.

This will ensure that the use of electronic devices is not interfering with their other responsibilities. It also teaches self discipline that responsibilities must be fulfilled before anything else.

No cell phone usage while eating.

It is simply rude to sit down at the dinner table, and have your family consumed with what is happening on their cell phone. This is a good rule to enforce with adults as well. Communication is important, and being able to communicate with your family at meal time is key.

They will learn to understand this rule over time. Even if they don’t this rule is important to help them develop social skills. Texting is such a huge form of communication that we sometimes forget to talk to the people sitting right in front of us. Take your children out of their technology daze, and get them to use their voice. It’s amazing what can happen.

Set a cut off time for cell phone usage.

Believe it or not, more and more children are becoming sleep deprived because they stay up all night on their cell phone. This is seen mostly in teenagers, as they have an addiction to being connected with their friends all the time. You have to make them realize that sleep is an essential part of functioning every day. After a while your child and their friends will respect this rule, and you will be given the peace of mind that your child is getting enough sleep.

All user names and passwords for social media accounts must be given to you.

Social media apps

Social media is a playground for negativity. Your child can talk to anyone and everyone. They can engage in activities that could definitely have lasting effects. Teens have a habit of giving out too much information, or sharing photos/videos that are not appropriate. When you have their account information they are less likely to engage in these activities because you can log in, and see what is going on. This is a great way to keep your children in check.

Even with these guidelines in place, your child still has room to conduct inappropriate behavior with their smart phones. If you want to ensure that your kids are following all your rules, FlexiSPY will definitely provide you with in-depth monitoring of your children’s activities. FlexiSPY serves as an extra set of eyes when you are not around.